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    Originally Posted by lemonzap View Post
    I moved the people who were being told to move closer and now that works but still no messages show up. I changed the message types to 0x6 and added a setvar but it didnt change anything. I've read through that tutorial before but have not been able to find any information on the s-tiles in there so I've just been trying things out. Also I don't know if this could be related but when I try to make a level script that displays a message it just displays

    This is a test message
    this is a signpost

    over and over again. Everything else in the level script works fine, just not messages. just like my s-tile script.

    Thanks for the help. I really appreciate the speedy reply.

    I've been trying to make more scripts and I have not been able to make a message display yet. I have even tried copying example scripts directly from tajaros' tutorial and using them in both emerald and fire red. I cant figure out what I'm doing wrong.

    I finally fixed my problem. I had to add


    after each message. for instance this would not work

    msgbox @wait 0x6

    but this does work

    msgbox @wait 0x6
    boxset 6
    Actually I am tajaros. :3

    If that tut didn't helped you that much it try diegoisawesome's tutorial.

    What it keeps doing it over and over again? Are you sure you put a setvar in your level script and have done the things I included in my tut?

    Also the script before should be working fine if you followed my instructions. But I'm pretty sure you're having trouble putting the var in the S-tile Script.

    Ok, so for example you're using var 0x4010. You put setvar 0x4010 0x1 in the end of your script and then put 0x4010 in the var number box in A-map when you click the S-tile.

    Also are you sure you're compiling things properly?