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    Charles looked around to find somewhere to eat breakfast. In his hurry, he had

    forgotten. The only place that appeared to have food, was the lovely lodge with...

    that hag Elsa. Maybe he could find someone to ask to see if there was more food? There

    was a stream running by the inn, with a person and a Pokemon next to it. Charles

    moved towards the two, when behind him he heard, "Charles? Shadow?"

    Charles turned around to see Professor Pine running across the grass towards him.

    Charles walked over to the Professor, and said, "Yes?"

    "Oh, stupid me, I completely forgot! Well, I need to explain the threat of Team

    Plasma to you!"

    "I already know their threat."

    "Oh, but you don't they have captured two legendaries, Kyurem, and Genosect. They

    are very dangerous, but they are making plan to capture more, stronger Pokemon.

    Charles thought very carefully, nothing was stronger then Kyurem. Unless... Oh no, this

    was not good. "Well, thanks, I have to go now."

    Charles walked into the inn and sat down at a table. He looked at Elsa and said, "I

    would like breakfast."
    Elsa gave one look at him, and he was out the door.

    Lol, I forgot this myself, but you didn't have Professor Pine explain the problem. But that is fine, as I had Pine come out and stop me. If you can have her go to your pond, that would be nice. Thanks! Also, you didn't read the rules.

    Death to Plasma?
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