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Originally Posted by Colony View Post
Uhm, I edited it. I changed him from royalty to just somebody that was being pushed to be a politician. Also I didn't intend to mirror RosaVam (love the series, own most of the volumes XD). I suppose the similarities were pretty glaring towards Moka... But hopefully this should work. :)

Also how should I start? Should I mention James as a transfer student or that he's been here and just changing classes? I'll read up on the thread and get general understanding of events thus far and then I'll post. :)
I read every chapter that has been translated to English ^^ I'm now patiently waiting for chapter 64~ secretly rages on phone because i'm not patient at all c: ... they should make a third season >.>

I do recommend you to try reading most of the important posts c: We could have James to be a transfer student from clas 3A but after a fight with a student he was transferred to 3C by the headmaster.

how about that? ^^
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