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    Originally Posted by Twilight Sky View Post
    I think this would be a pretty awesome idea~! Though Octillery doesn't need a whole lot of help, if anything (I mean, base 105 HP and base 105 Special Attack means that it's pretty well-off, for what it's worth). Though it certainly wouldn't hurt if given an evo by any chance since there are other areas it can improve upon to be anything really near useful (Speed, I'm looking at you. Though higher defenses would help make up for that immensely).
    you are right, but it won't be the first time a good pokemon will get evolution, electrabuzz and magmar got one, even porygon 2 who had over 500 base stats got one. so i think octillery evolution is also possible. and like you said its not a pokemon who must have evolution(like ferfutch'd...) but is still can improve.
    about octillery's speed, i don't believe that if it will get an evolution its speed would be good or even decent, but at least this thing can get a better defence(both physical and special) and than it would be a a great pokemon
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