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    Sillerax "Fearbringer" Colossus: the Treasure Hunter

    Sillerax soon was approaching the base, then he saw something... a young Growlithe, collapsed on the ground. Sillerax didn't like the look of this and carefully approached the Growlithe.

    After checking the nearby area and determining that there was nothing around that would cause trouble. Sillerax picked up the pokemon, slung it over both of his shoulders and carried him into the base.

    When he walked inside he saw Sareli sleeping at one of the tables, a note clutched in her paws. In an attempt not to wake her, Sillerax walked carefully to another table, placed the Growlithe down on the table and examined it's wounds... there wasn't much, a blunt force hit by an attack... but nothing else. Sillerax grabbed some materials from his room, ( the materials, were some herbs and material for dressing wounds) and started tending to the Growlithe's wounds with as much care as he could. the dressings were crude but effective, due to his limited experience in healing.
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