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    Nathan - The league.

    "You don't know what the league is? Yet your standing, *cough* lying in a tree in front of me in the region where all the battles take place..." Nath panted at the end for a second.
    "Man, your missing out! For a start, you get to battle the toughest trainers from around the world, and secondly if you win, you get a wish... A wish, huh." Nath looked up to the sky.
    "I can't wait to win and get my wish." Nath finally turned back to Silver. "Oh and my names Nathan, but you can call me Nath, nice to meet you!" Nath very jmuch felt like he had ranted on a bit. He noticed how strange Silver looked tossing the fruit away, as if it was nothing. Slowly and carefully, Nath pulled Silver down from the tree he was so attached to.

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