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The perky waitress stopped by to deliver more drinks to them as Misha explained himself. Delta’s curiosity was peaked when the large man who had mentioned that he had his powers for years. Great, now any chance she had to escape was most certainly out the window if she was against someone who had several times the amount of practice Delta had. The Atlantean Unification Project apparently weren’t related to the Royal Family she had heard so much about. Now that she knew of this second group Delta wondered how many other groups there might be that were doing the same thing Misha was doing now. How many other lost Atlantean teens were there out there looking for comfort, were these groups tactically or strategically taking advantage of the situation at hand? Despite the lies that might (read: most certainly will) tumble out from here on out Delta knew she had to remain guarded and well aware of what was going on around her.

Her hunger had subsided since they arrived, but since she didn’t know the people she was going to meet Delta wasn’t quite sure when she was going to eat next. She carefully picked up her burger and munched on it as Misha became the Question Drill Sergeant. Why Delta's favorite color, purple (hence why the shaved down right side hairs were dyed purple), mattered to Misha she wasn't quite. She avoided any and all questions that dealt with family and instead asked Misha the same questions he asked her or went on some long tangent so that Misha forgot the question he previously asked or moved on completely. After they finished their rapid back and forth question session Misha graciously paid the bill, did she get a stipend for joining this group? They made their way outside and into the large vehicle where Misha was a lot less uptight about her but she sensed he didn't completely trust her, which wasn't unusual. Thankfully he brushed off the shattered glass before she sat down, a kind gesture from a man she didn't know, now that was unusual.

"So," Misha started as he got into the driver's seat. If she was going to his leader, where exactly was the HQ of the AUP? "Ve're going to France. Did you need anything before ve go?"

"To France?" Delta moved her lip piercing between her gloved fingers while she thought about his question. She wished that she could say goodbye to Nathan and her babcia, "Just try not to kill me, but does this mean we're going to a plane?"

"I'm ready for a nap..."

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