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Silver Galleleo

the Trainer went on ranting about the league he had apparently walked/flew right into. The trainer identified the wishes that could be granted... and how tough the trainers are. A smile appeared on Silver's face, toughest trainers huh? he would have wanted badly to enter the league with some of his best pokemon from the past leagues he's had the pleasure of becoming champion over, and battling in.

The trainer Identified himself as Nathan or Nath, and helped pull Silver down from the tree he was stuck in.

Silver dusted himself off lightly, grabbed his backpack, put on his trench coat, which instantly hid his wings and tail, and then he put on his hat, which made his horns look like they were part of the hat, not coming from his head. he then pulled out a berry from his pack, and started munching on it, slowly he felt his strength return as the hunger faded. he was revitalized now. "thanks Nath. it might be good if I joined this League... where are we exactly?" he asked, making sure he was set to go, and that his wings, tail and horns were well hidden. "you're probably thinking I'm a freak... or something along those lines," he said, "well in truth you're not to far off... but it wasn't my choice, and I wasn't born this way..." he paused not sure if he could truly trust Nath... although he did help him get out of the tree, "I'll tell you later," he said dismissing the subject.

"where are you heading anyway?" he asked.
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