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Nathan - Lost

Silver, after putting his trench coat and hat on, stated "You must think I'm a freak." Nath looked hesitantly at Silver. Of course he didn't think he was a freak, infact it's everything Nath had ever dreamed of, being able to fly and stuff. It sounded idyllic.
"Um, we need to head... Back that way, but..." Nath hesitantly stopped for a moment. He looked around.
"I have two problems on my hands." Nitro was also looking worried. Glade, Celebi, and Buzz, had all gone missing!!
"Gah!! My pokémon are gone!!" Nath looked back at Silver again.
"I'll show you the way if you help me search for my pokémon.." Nath felt awful. Not only had he lost three of his pokémon, he was forced to ask a complete stranger for help. On top of that, he had only noticed they were missing just now, but at least Nitro also didn't notice. That makes two...

Where had they gone...

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