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    Kiki grinned as the orb came flying at her and Mouser. She leapt to the side and swished her finger, as Mouser let out a paniced squeak and tumbled out of the way too.

    "Too slow!" she cried happily, spinning around. "Now, my turn! Get ready and dodge this! Tackle!" she shouted eagerly, and the mouse leapt at the ghost. Sure it would not do a thing, but the exercise was to dodge, right? Anyways, Shawn was hurt, so she would have to go easy on him. Meaning that she was not going to use Quick Attack.


    Brian thought a bit. Why were the Rockets here anyways? it was so confusing. Bother, he couldn't figure it out.

    "Hm... I dunno. I don't think that the wild pokemon are being controlled by Team Rocket... They aren't always mean. I personally think that they are trying to warn us or make us leave... But I dunno. Hm... I bet this place has a secret! Something big, because why else are there so many famous and tough trainers here as teachers?" Brian said, thinking hard. He... Thought he was on to something though.

    "And I bet the pokemon know, and the Rockets are after it! Which means we gotta do something!" he said, which was why he was trying to get his friends all together to talk to them.

    Duster and Leena

    Leena laughed and released Ellie's tail, floating upside down.

    "Mwehehee~" she said delightedly at the strife of the pokemon.

    "Leena, tell Skye what Brian wants. Ellie and Rama look like they could use a hand!" Duster said, scampering over to them and giving Volca a determined look. She was certain that Skye wouldn't want her to fight, but who cared? He wasn't Brian and that was all there was to it. Leena laughed and floated around Skye.

    "Brian wants to go flying! Mwehehehe, he said he has a Rocket to the moon! Whoosh wee HEHEHE~" she said happily.

    "That's not what he said Leena! Stop joking around!" Duster cried, her tail swaying, a spark running down it to her paws as she prepares to fire her Thundershock attack. Leena laughed and said nothing, letting Skye work out what she meant.
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