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    well, ive havent gone online yet, but i guess you can trade with other players, even in japan or other countries, and take care of eachothers sorry i dont know much about that feature, but ive heard most people find it super helpful early in the game for getting hard to obtain items...and what new...well, lol. quite alot. You can, as it says on the box, fully customize your character...clothes (LOTS of clothing options, giving the material and money) that you can wear regardless of gender, in other words you can be a manly man in a pink frilly dress...if thats what floats your boat, lol. Also, can change your hair...and you build new things, not just buildings, but fences, barns, LOTS of decorative objects...trees even. And there is lots of new material to collect. Aaand new recipes...what unlock new things to do by making new buildings. new characters, new items, new things to do....
    hmm...i cant think of what else.
    But it is definitaly a good buy! Its very fun, with alot of play time...i mean, you could go forever just customizing everything At least, I certaintly enjoy it :D
    Hope that was helpful

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