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Nathaniel Calaway- Outside Atlantean Center, London, England

The Librarian laughed at Nathaniel's response, nodding as he spoke, "yes, you're quite right. I was only asking for politeness' sake." Nathaniel did not entertain the Librarian's eccentric greeting, if only because the entire situation was far too…suspicious to say the least. To know his name and location was one thing. Really a quick check on Facebook would do that, but the Librarian knew a lot more than that, didn't he? He knew exactly where Nathaniel was at the this exact time. He knew Nathaniel was an Atlantean and had a useful ability. He even sent his own daughter to fetch him, likely filling her in on all the important details like Nathaniel's favorite color. And for what purpose? It seemed any time that Nathaniel had composed some plausible answer, a few more questions popped up.

"Don't call me that," Adeline spoke up, narrowing her eyes at Nathaniel. "Please call me Otto."

"You and your nicknames. I swear, Adeline, if I would let you, you would put on a costume and call yourself a super her--"


And let's not get started on "Otto" here. Nathaniel's first impression was hardly positive. In fact, his opinion could probably be summed up in a single word: b****. Her insistence on nicknames, addressing her father as "sir" and continuously glaring at Nathaniel any time he spoke or took action. He was being judged for anything he did, whether it was for the greater good or motivated by his own self interests. As welcoming as the Librarian tried to be, Otto undid all of it. Either this girl has an attitude problem, a personal vendetta against Nathaniel (which you've known the man for 10 minutes) or she never had a childhood. He wanted to give the benefit of the doubt, but it was a bit hard considering the circumstances. Nathaniel returned the glare at Otto, his face grimacing ever so slightly, trying to hide his poor opinion of her. He'll give her this: she keeps her father on task.

"Right," he sighed, following Otto's reminder, "what do I want with you? Well, I'm not sure that's the right question at hand here. As I said, I offer sanctuary to lost Atlanteans. A chance to get away, begin your life anew. Perhaps you just need somewhere to stay to be away from this. I don't care who you are and what you've done. I'm giving you a chance to change what was happened. I will provide a home and help with your abilities. Of course, my service isn't a free one."

Not the response Nathaniel sought by any means. He didn't want a clever, convenient way to step around the question. Nor did he want some cliche, pamphlet advertisement for a new sanctuary. Did Nathaniel look lost to you? The only part of the Librarian's little monologue that Nathaniel appreciated was the promise of helping with the abilities, as Nathaniel has struggled to get a good handle on them. Sure, he could handle himself in a fight, but there has been the occasional time were he froze the shower, iced his drinks a bit too much and woke up in the middle of a Siberian tundra. Despite this promise, the Librarian offered a catch: the service didn't come free. He spoke of "heritages" which is an odd term, but soon revoked his statement saying "I already have all of yours." It was a choice of words that hardly used in such a manner, and he had hoped that he wasn't the only one to catch it. Nathaniel was too confused and overwhelmed to really comprehend everything. He had witnessed a gathering of his entire population that seemed to exist for only a few short weeks and already blew up more than a few buildings. He fought and killed a man. Saw a building explode with his own eyes. And now was being round up by a complete (and seemingly powerful) stranger, who made him question everything. Nathaniel's mind was being overwhelmed and he couldn't think as clearly as he would like to. So maybe a sanctuary would be nice. It would ease his mind a bit, being safe. Being able to avoid all this. But then again, he would owe this "Librarian" something. It was unnerving. It did little to ease the growing paranoia in Nathaniel's mind.

The Librarian opened the car door, gesturing to everyone. It was an open invitation, of which Oakley soon accepted. Nathaniel couldn't blame her. She could barely control her ability. James soon accepted, being ever silent as he did. This left Nathaniel alone, staring at the taxi, watching two strangers (his only real peers here) step into a car. His mind went back to all the distorted, chaotic thoughts that churned in his head: Who was this man? What did he want? Can he really help? Could Nathaniel handle himself without him? What about the Center? What about the man he killed? The terrorists that came with him…what about them? Nathaniel rubbed his eyes as he sighed. He was clearly stressed, tired and not as collected as he normally was. Normally one with a cool head, Nathaniel now regretted his over analytical way of doing things. And then he remembered something: He promised to keep Oakley safe. And watching her walk into a taxi cab with a man that Nathaniel couldn't completely trust...that felt like he was backing down from his promise.

Nathaniel finally stepped into the back seat, barely fitting into the vehicle. He felt bad for James and Oakley, as Nathaniel's broad built was probably crushing them ever so slightly. He looked out the window, watching the Center crumble beneath its own weight. Nathaniel hoped its destruction was a symbolic leaving the past behind and starting anew. That the decision he made now was the right one. That Nathaniel might actually have fun, make friends and become a better person. Though, a part of him felt like the Center's desecration was the end of all hope. And hope was all he had right now.

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