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    This section's description says the thread revival limit doesn't apply in here, so don't worry about that.

    Your first suggestion, defining a deck with one or more keywords that are used to alter AI calculations of how/when cards should be used (including as parts of combos), is reasonable enough. It'll be fiddly to insert those alterations into the scripts to actually produce the desired style, of course, but that's a matter of balancing and tweaking. Any rail-roading (forcing one style when another would be more preferable) would probably not be too blatant, because if another style really is more preferable, the effect of the defined style won't be enough to override it. Again, that's a balancing issue.

    Your second suggestion, categorising cards by their effects, doesn't seem that useful. Every unique card effect has its own function code, and the calculations for how/when to use it can depend on that. Basically, the effect function codes already serve as a kind of categorising, albeit a very fine one. Similar effects will have similar desirability calculations; it's not hard to copy-paste. While this does make the AI for using a card hardcoded, I really don't think that's a problem. In the end, the code's going to be the same as using card keywords, and in fact function code-based calculations can allow greater customisation of a card's AI since you can easily edit the AI for just a single unique effect. So no, this idea doesn't convince me.

    There's currently no AI at all. I'd prefer to get something simple in first and then possibly modify it later, than worry about loads of different subtleties from the beginning. The AI style keywords are definitely one of the "ignore for now" things, but I've written it down.
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