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    Name: Tedder O'Rourke

    Age: 17

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Tedder is of a decent height, coming in at about 6'1". He has always been a boy of the waters, whether that be in a pool or in the sea, and has thus spent a lot of time outside obtaining a tan. He also likes to keep his hair short but stylish, most currently deciding on the faux hawk style due to the warmer weather. Tedder is often referred to as "that surfer boy" by his mother and family members, and it isn't a nickname that he necessarily takes issue with. He also spends a good but of his free time working out, so he has a fair bit of muscle build up. He is not cocky however, and does not parade around flaunting any part of his body.

    Unless tight shirts count, that is.

    In terms of clothes, Tedder is a fan of all things neon. He usually wears a neon yellow shirt, and will occasionally switch it up with green, but yellow is the more likely color of the two for Tedder to be seen in. Tedder always wears a pair of light blue jeans, despite being a boy of the water, with areas worn out in both knees and around the pants legs. Instead of tennis shoes, he prefers to wear a pair of work boots his grandfather got him a year before his passing. They are in fairly good condition, although they certainly don't match his clothing, and despite being put through many a long walk. Tedder will on occasion wear a bandanna or two, but even that is a rare occurrence. Tedder cares a lot about the appearance of his hair, but does not put much focus into matching otherwise.

    Personality: If you look at Tedder and assume he's a wild one, you would be wrong. While he presents himself in a confident and focused manner, Tedder does not do much talking. He has a quiet, calm voice with a hint of an accent, although he doesn't talk nearly enough for one to catch on to just what type of accent it may be. This is not to say that Tedder is not friendly, however. He was always raised to be respectful and polite to any that he may encounter, and while not always the first to speak, he finds other ways to be helpful. Tedder will speak, so don't take him as a mute, but speech is something that he prefers to work his way into.

    Tedder has an older brother, Aaren, who taught him how to carry himself. Aaren was always the more confident of the two growing up, but has since instilled a lot of his own values in Tedder. Because of this, Tedder is more able to help others than before. He also spent a brief period of time caring for a few of Aaren's pokemon while he was off visiting other lands, and has thus built up a strong love for working with pokemon. Tedder has always wanted to work with Eevee evolutions just as his brother did, and strives to become an Eevee master as well. His love doesn't just stretch to just Eevee and their evolutions however, as again his love for water has caused him to spend a good bit of his time with water types.

    History: Tedder's family originally comes from the Kanto region, in a place by the name of Cerulean City. Genevieve and Timothy O'Rourke, Tedder's mother and father, were both born of wealthy families and both were professional divers before settling down in Cerulean as a couple. It was in Cerulean City that the pair began their small family of three children, and it was in the Cerulean Gym at a water show held by the gym leaders that they found their love of the water types. Siobhan (22) was the first born, followed by the births of Aaren (20) and Tedder (17). Siobhan is now a famous pokemon painter in the Hoenn Region, although she never really did much training with pokemon. Aaren was the first to really step out into the world, and found an immediate alliance for himself with the water types that surrounded Cerulean. Tedder on the other hand, was more reluctant to make his move.

    Tedder always wanted to become a trainer, but never wanted to devote the time it took to actually train. Aaren spent many a night after coming home, trying to get Tedder to go on his first journey, but he would not budge. This was partially due to his shy nature, and partially due to his fear. He had seen Aaren battle many a time, and although he loved the nature of the battles, he did not think it was something that he would succeed at. It was only once his family relocated to Coriolis Town to follow Aaren that Tedder decided to give things a go, albeit still a bit reluctant. He spent a lot of time caring for Aaren's injured Vaporeon, hurt in an incident with Team Rocket of Kanto many years back, and it was then that Tedder decided that he wanted his own pokemon. His own Vaporeon. With a little pep talk from his parents, and encouragement from both older siblings, Tedder finally took to the road.

    A pokemon master in the making?

    Chosen Starter:

    Aedan the Eevee (Adaptability - Quick Attack, Tail Whip, Work Up, Shadow Ball). Although a young pokemon, Aedan is wise beyond his years in terms of how he carries himself. Aedan is hesitant when it comes to battle, but is more skilled then what is let on by either he or his trainer. Aedan is still learning to trust Tedder, but has an unwavering affection for the way Tedder treats and cares for him. He is also quite drawn to the water, but has also built up a liking for a good, warm fire.
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