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Originally Posted by Yusshin
Normally classmates wouldn't have to do it. It's appropriate at my work, though - client vs. service person. The little kids use "vous" with me, but same-age or older use "tu." I always try to use "vous," unless I get too comfortable, have had the person by my cash already or if the person is like, five.

Losing marks for that... I can understand if you weren't using "vous" for the teacher; otherwise, it really doesn't matter and it's appropriate, unless you're in front of the WHOLE class. Then you would use "vous" because you're addressing a lot of people.
I think it was moreso because the teacher himself knew very little French, and assumed that you had to use vous as a sign of respect even with a very trivial 1 year age gap. Even at that point I knew it seemed a little silly (considering my previous teacher told us to use tu with each other), but everyone just seemed to play along with it.