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Originally Posted by Sydian View Post
I can't speak for every staff member, but as for myself, whenever I see something that I don't like or that bothers me and I want to give my initial reaction, I tend to just vent it to someone else I'm close to that's also on staff, like Razor Leaf, and respond or act on something later (unless it really needs urgent attention).
This. I think it's also worth mentioning that; as Sydian stated, when we do have moments of weakness or unintentional blow ups, we have a safety net in the other staff. If I totally go bonkers on some kid, I trust that the hstaff can come in, remove me from the incident, clarify things, organize the thread, and do some general cleaning up until I get my head on straight.

Of course, it's not that we expect hstaff to allow us to go berserk with total trust that it will be dealt with by someone else, but we do rely on one another to communicate and help when something goes askew. And naturally, this hypothetical mod that blew up would at least confront the issue, but my point is that we are a team and we try our best to do right by PC and it's members collectively.

Maybe this can also speak to some of the general fear of staff/hstaff -- at least those members who aren't necessarily intimidated because of the authority end of it, but are still wary. So does anyone feel that staff basically looks like a big clique? Or feel like we're too involved in a "staff group" as opposed to the community?
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