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Valorie Ryder -Practical Battling
Zayne had asked Valorie a question, namely about her ability to control this snivy in battle. Valorie just sort of looked at Thyme with an expression that didn't exactly radiate confidence. Even she knew better than to pretend she could do what she knew she couldn't. "...I don't... know." she replied in a somewhat meek manner after a couple of moments. Normally, she would've tested this theory, however she was still slightly afraid that Thyme would smack her across the face or something painful like that if she started ordering her around. She slouched a bit as if to view Thyme from the pokemon's own eye-height. "...I think she wants something from me, but I'm not sure what." she remarked, slightly frustrated. Apparently she had decided that Thyme was indeed a girl. How she'd done that was anyone's guess. She almost seemed... hesitant to head out for the second part of class with the others.

It's been a long time since we crossed paths over spcae-time~
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