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Obsolete SU draft ^^

Name: Adrian Smidth
Gender: Male
Color: Orange
Class: SMITH

Age: 15
Home: Brisbane, Australia
Family: Mother, father and two older twin sisters. Plus six pet bunnies.
Theme song: Swoon (
Action song: Swoon Boyz Noize Summer Mix (

Good personality traits: Alert + Diplomatic + Imaginative + Impulsive
Bad personality traits: Suspicious - Tendency to worry about anything - Low self esteem - ... Impulsive!
Interests and hobbies: Skateboarding // Roleplaying // Animals. Especially bunnies.

Appearance: Adrian Smidth is around 180cm tall and weighs a bit more than he think he should. It's not that he's the least bit fat really, he just isn't the least bit skinny either. At least him working on his tan has paid off. His hair is sandy blonde and seems to have an eternal wavy out-of-bed look. It's not like he puts a lot of effort into it, the salty sea breeze just makes his hair look like this. His eyes are big with a soft blue color, which does seem gray in daylight but might gleam greenishly in dim light. Eyes you want to trust. At least until you see how rushed and worried he often gets. Other than that, his face is friendly and somewhat boyish, with just the slightest tint of a goatee springing up. In one of his ears, he wears a golden ring. Mostly to look cool, and he often fiddles with it when he's in deep thought or feeling stressed up.

Since he's an avid skateboarder, his physique is moderately good without being really muscular. He's not the one to train for the sake of training, even though he sometimes worries about not being healthy enough. His usual choice of clothing is rather skinny jeans and long sleeved t-shirts, preferably ones with bright pastel colors. For no particular reason other than it makes him look strangely confident, which mostly helps himself calm down. Often, he wears gray or beige hood shirts on top of that.

This is, kind of, him, ish:

First post: (This shall be a freshly written text about the character you are going to be, and this will likely have a great influence on whether you'll get a spot or not. Write about being at home or arriving at home and somehow fetching or getting the CHESS game package from the mail. Include detailed description of your home. Mention all of the people and pets living with you. Mention all the hobbies or interests that you stated above. Also, you will here have the chance to display the personality and hint at some history of your character if you want to flesh that out before we begin the actual RP. NOTE: do not install the game yet.)

It was windy, the day it started. The skateboard ride home was unusually tricky because of the sudden gusts of air which almost blew Adrian out of course. He cursed under his breath but kept skating home. He couldn't afford to look like he gave up, outside on his own street. All the neighborhood kiddies who believed him to be a tough master skater would be pretty disappointed then.

Of course he instead tripped and almost fell flat forward just in front of his own lane. Quickly, the young man - or old boy? - straightened up and hoped that nobody had seen him while he flustered walked on foot down the stone path to the front door.

The house of the Smidths was pretty large. Too large, according to Mr Smidth. Far too small, according to the twins. It was a rather boring, normal house according to Adrian, with a dull beige finish on the outside and too much noise on the inside. It sat drowsily in a long row of similar houses on a long street on the outskirts of Brisbane. The front lawns were all the same size and Mrs Smidth competed with all the other housewives in trying to get their husbands to keep it as green and clean as possible while she tended to the flowers and trees herself. Adrian often commented on how cluttered their garden was in comparison with most others though. But the truth was of course that he liked it that way. It made his family a bit special, in a way that nobody could blame him for.

The instant he opened the front door, he was met with the chatter of the twins reaching from the kitchen. Instant decision to not go that way.


"Adro, you got maail."

Of course they realized he was home. He hadn't closed the door quietly enough. Or maybe they just knew he would be home at this time. Or maybe it didn't really matter how they knew it was him. For all he knew they could have been looking out the window and seen him... Oh gosh. Adrian's face turned red. Seen him trip while skating! His cover could be blown!

Unwillingly, he dropped his shoulder bag in the hallway, kicking off his shoes, and went to greet his older sisters.

"Good afternoon, ladies," he said without looking at them where they were sitting on barstools at the kitchen island. "Where's mail?"

"I didn't know you had joined the chess club, Adro. Decided to try and be smart instead of playing dorky coolguy?" said the first sister. She was the 'oldest' one, even though Adrian was sure that it couldn't really matter when it came to twins. Her hair was long, blonde and straight and she always wore a smug face. Her name was Lina.

"Chess! I can actually play chess! Can't I play chess, Lina? I can teach you to be a master, Ady!" said the other sister. Her name was Drava. She had grown up to be a bright counterpart to her twin, but Adrian knew well that they were just as evil both of them. Spawn of the devil. Speaking of which...

A short but at the same time strangely large woman suddenly bursted into the room from the garden through the back door. Her curly, brown hair had specks of dirt in it and her face had a lot of make up on. Like it always had. A frown was present also, like it also almost always was.

"Why aren't you home before now? We're supposed to go out to Drava and Lina's dance show tonight, remember? Go get ready already!"

"Um..." All these lines were said in rapid succession so Adrian felt more and more stressed as he tried to figure out what to really reply. The chess part had puzzled him and he had completely forgotten about the show tonight.

The episode ended with an argument between the brother and sisters with the occasional loud input from Mrs Smidth. It didn't end until a disturbed and grayish haired Mr Smidth walked into the room. He raised his eyebrows, prodded his wide mustache and plainly decided that Adrian was grounded and couldn't come to the show tonight. Overjoyed, the brother hastily picked up his mail and darted upstairs before disagreement from the twins started hailing. Sometimes, Adrian loved that his father wasn't the sharpest tool in the box.

On the upper floor was everyone's bedrooms, a large bathroom and a living room in the middle of it all.

(will be continued)

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oh my god lt col i read your su and the first thing i noticed was charlotte

fyi my char is gonna be named charlotte B)
Vinnie's gonna hit on her the moment they meet :p I like that name btw.

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Haha okay red. I figured something like that would need to be changed. I'll fix it tonight!

EDIT: Okay, I fixed it so Harrison and Vinnie are talking about te new metal gear instead of Chess. And also instead of saying thanks for purchasing on the leaflet it says "you have been chosen to..."

Lol limanya. Wht a coincidence haha
Works fine now. Vinnie is accepted! Now all you have to do is patiently wait for the rest of us to finish ^^ And maybe try to guess what the game/RP will be like. Ahahah.

"Maybe it could involve painting pictures and picking flowers...
Maybe a trial like that could be cool?"

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