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    Hey guys, I'm the new thread owner and I just updated the list of tributes to Post #84. Peace! And may the odds be ever in your favor!

    EDIT: Hello PokeCommunity, to inspire people to become tributes, I will add a rule change that lasts until the beginning of June! From today to June 2013, anyone who signs up for the Hunger Games Challenge get one extra life for all of their Pokemon if they die. All you have to claim this is say "I got a 1UP!" in your posts. You can do this for any amount of Hunger Games Challenges that you are taking between today and June.

    Hey guys, I have an update!

    Update #1

    What happened:

    I started the game as usual, naming myself Jacob, and picking a Squirtle. I had to use my Squirtle to beat Brock, since the first Rock- or Ghost- type was Geodude in Mt. Moon. I caught the Geodude, and named it Boggs (I am gonna name my tributes after District 13 residents). I went throught Mt. Moon (my Wartortle died D: ) and had to beat Misty with just a Graveler. It took forever. It took alot of Potions and alot of rage. I ended up not allying with her because I will get a Kabutops later. Then, I took on the S. S. Anne. It was easy because I had to overgrind to beat Misty. Currently, I am in front of the Vermillion City Pokemon Center.

    My team:

    Graveler Lv. 38

    Stats (HP/Atk/Def/Spec/Spd): 108/93/108/49/52
    Seismic Toss
    Rock Throw
    Body Slam

    Until next time!