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Sensei Marek
Atarip Town

Sensei couldn't help wondering if there was more to Seasalt Cave than met the eye. When he noticed the secret areas in which Scyther had hidden, he began thinking that maybe more such compartments were hidden all around the area. After all, that mindless ruffian couldn't have installed them himself, and he had stolen far more than loot. Marek made it a priority to go back and inspect the cave the following morning to look for more clues. Now, however, he found himself back in Atarip town, seemingly in the blink of an eye. He had slung the two bags of loot over his shoulder, though they didn't weigh him down as much as they might someone else. On his way back to base, he decided to pay a short visit to the bank. An Alakazam greeted him upon his arrival there, and marveled for a moment at the big bags of Poke he carried with him. "I'd like to make a deposit," Marek said solemnly, his mind was set on other things at present. "Deposit these bags in the Crossblade Crew's joint account," he ordered, handing the Psychic the bags. The joint account was an account for all the members of the Crossblade Crew to deposit things in, though the account was not to be used for personal treasures; only items and Poke of importance to a mission was to be deposited in here. In this case, the money would stay there until the bankers could figure out how much belonged to each of the Pokemon it was stolen from. The Alakazam took the money and teleported away, reappearing a few moments empty-handed. The money had safely been stored in the bank vault which was located in an unknown place.

"Ah...I am sorry, Marek, but I've got bad news..." the Alakazam suddenly said. Marek, who had been ready to leave, turned to face the Pokemon once again. "A criminal broke into your father's bank account...and stole all his money, along with that of several others." Marek's face turned from its usual stern expression to that of utter disappointment. The thought dawned on him that, without sufficient funds, Marek's uncle would no longer be able to provide medicine to the increasingly weak Throh. He would die. "Who did this?! I demand to know!" Marek said, pounding his fist on the counter behind which the Alakazam stood. "We don't know! Some mystery thief in the night," the Psychic replied. Marek sighed. "Transfer all the Poke I have to my father's account. It should be enough to keep him safe for a few days." With that, the Psychic disappeared and came back. "It is done."

The Scyther couldn't have been the one who had done this. He was defeated. Whoever had robbed Marek's father of his money would pay. He would find them and destroy them no matter how far he would have to go. This was dishonoring to his entire family, and he would not put up with it!
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