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*take SU sheet from handy-dandy SU MS file*

*battle music plays*

A *shiny* wild SU appeared!

Name: Ryan Williams

Age: 16

Appearance: Ryan's appearance greatly reflects his origins and hometown. Having come from the coldest region in Sinnoh, his skin is very light, almost white. His hair is coal-black and frizzy, somewhat similar to his Snover's fur in texture and feel. He is quite tall for his age, measuring around 5"1. This is mainly due to his spindly legs being very long, as all people in Snowpoint city, who have developed strong legs to walk through deep snow. His light blue eyes, very light-reflective, are covered by a pair of equally-coloured glasses.

His attire, as well, shows he comes from a colder area. His coat, made from Mammoswine fur, is brown-coloured and half-sleeved. He rarely ever takes it off, even in hotter areas. This also applies to his scarf, which is literally just a long, blue-coloured cloth he had been given at birth. He wears tough hiking boots and (unoriginality warning) brown pants.

Personality: Ryan is a calm and relaxed, almost half-awake at times, and he is often caught day-dreaming. He respects and cherishes his Pokemon greatly, as they make him succeed in battles. he never pushes them too much, and prefers mental preparation over physical preparation. He often underestimates opponents and tasks, not due to arrogance, but due to his laziness and relaxed habit of doing things. His Pokemon nevertheless always snap him out of his trance, and in seemingly critical situations he can use unique strategies and combat styles to end the battle quickly and smoothly. Rarely gets angry, often sighs and leaves when annoyed.

History:Ryan was born in the Sinnoh region in the peaks of Mt. Coronet, in Snowpoint City. Having spent his whole life there, he eventually got bored. His parents, being both global architects for gyms and Poke-centers, often told him of places they travelled to and gyms they designed. Recently with the launch of the Novia league, they were asked to design gyms and other facilities there for an extended period of time, and they were to be provided with all necessities by the government of Novia.

They were to be allocated in Coriolis town, and shown around by Professor Palm and other Novia locals. A few months after settling in Novia, Ryan managed to convince his parents to allow him to take one of the Professor's starter Pokemon and raise it. The first Pokemon he found there was Oddish, and for the weed Pokemon, it was love at first sight.

Ryan had come for Eevee originally, but seeing the little creature play round in his coat pocket as if it knew him since birth made him believe that abandoning this Pokemon would break his heart. So, with a sigh, he decided to pick Oddish as his starter. Moments later, he was having second thoughts. The Pokemon he had picked had turned his organized room into a playroom in a matter of seconds. More than once Ryan was sent to the hospital due to Oddish's random Poison Powder explosions. His parents had once thought of giving Oddish away to a day care, but Ryan refused. He told his parents since Oddish was uncomfortable and of no use at home, then he would take him to adventure with him in Novia. After arguing for a few days, his parents finally accepted.


Species: Oddish
Gender: Male
Nickname: Bret "The Hitman" hart (just Bret, actually)
Personality: Bret is an extremely enthusiastic oddish. Too bouncy and hyperactive for Ryan, he often causes Chaos and havoc whenever he goes. However, in battle, he completely changes, and becomes as loyal and fierce as an Arcanine.
Ability: Chlorophyll
  • Absorb
  • Poison Powder
  • Energy ball
  • Sunny day
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