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Destiny Saviouer :: Destiny's House, Limbo
Chapter Two :: Backyard Insanity

Destiny waved her feet in the air, sitting on the branch of a tree, enjoying a pleasant breeze. Even though the planet of Limbo itself was relatively barren, the area around Destiny's house was green with grass and there were multiple trees of various Earth varieties. Her favorite had to be the cherry blossom tree. It was just so beautiful, and when the rose-colored petals fell, the sight was indescribable.

Destiny had planted the grass and trees around her house herself. Her house was a bit detached from the others, giving her a bit of privacy. She was six thousand years old, so she could get away with a few extra perks compared to the younger reapers. Her pure white aura and powers over the soul enabled her to maintain the environment around her house, which was very useful and amusing. Six thousand years on an incredibly unremarkable planet could become a huge bore after the first few days. To put it bluntly, Limbo sucked. When you're offered immortality and one of the most powerful positions in the multiverse, you might expect the immortal planet that you'll be staying on to be huge and extravagant, and filled with natural beauty.

Nope, that was probably the opposite of Limbo. Earth was so much more beautiful. Even in its current, polluted state it was still better on the eyes than this planet.

"This place makes me want to scream," Destiny stated, her tone flat.

"Yes, you say that just about every day," replied the tall, slender figure standing next to the tree that Destiny was perched upon. Even though he was standing, he was still eye level with Destiny, and she was ten feet off the ground. After all, Slenderman had the ability to manipulate his height. He also didn't have eyes, so that made the whole eye-level point moot.

"And I'll stop saying it when it is no longer true, Crispy," Destiny said in a matter-of-fact tone.

Crispin grumbled. For six thousand years he had told Destiny to not call him "Crispy," but for six thousand years she persisted in doing so. He was the equivalent of a Grim Reaper, but he enjoyed Destiny's company, so he tolerated it. And, honestly, after so long as an immortal, he actually enjoyed such terms of endearment. After all, every human he saw on Earth fled at the mere sight of him. He'd built up quite the reputation over the past few thousand years, so practically all humans knew of his existence. Well, most of them considered him to be a creature of fiction, but that was beside the point. The gray-skinned creature sitting next to him found himself in a similar predicament.

Ristru Atticus KelEstra the second, known by humans as The Rake, was also an ancient Reaper, and he was closely associated with Crispin. The two had often been partners in the past, and they were both exceptionally well known Reapers on Earth. Destiny, on the other hand, was incredibly boring and preferred to stay an enigma, rather than become awesomely famous like her two bestest reaper friends. Ristru's skin was an ashen grey, and on his fingers he had long, sharp, incredibly deadly metal claws. The metal didn't have a name in any human tongue, as it was a long forgotten alloy used for weapons in a few ancient, long forgotten civilizations. Even Ristru wasn't even sure if the metal had its origins on the big blue sphere, but he did know that there was none left on the planet today.

"I'm bored," Ristru stated.

"You're always bored," Destiny and Crispin said in unison.

"That's not true!" Ristru yelped, indignant. "Then again," he continued, looking around the yard with wondering eyes, "it probably is."

"Yes, it is," Destiny stated again. "You're very easily amused, but you have the attention span of a toddler."

"Not to mention you look funny," Crispin added.

"No funnier than you! You don't even have eyes!" Ristru retorted.

"And the ball goes spinning again!" Destiny yelled. All three of them burst into laughter. There really was no real joke behind what they said, but it was something they did often and so they acted as if it was some hilarious inside joke. More than a few reapers had almost died trying to figure out what they laughed about.

But their near death experiences never had anything to do with the "joke." It just happened to be that many of them never figured it out, and then they nearly died. Absolutely no connection whatsoever.

"It's a bird!" Crispin cheered, pointing at a black dot in the sky.

"It's a plane!" Destiny yelled.

"It's a duck! Wait, no, that could be my mother. . . . No, it is most definitely a duck!" Ristru said, jumping with excitement.

A moment later a raven had landed on the branch beside Destiny. She took the letter that it carried and it flew off.

"It's a bomb!" Ristru screeched, pressing his hands to his face and continuing to scream as he ran in circles around the yard like a madman, which he was.

As Ristru spazzed out in the background, Destiny opened the letter and began to read it.

"New mission?" Crispin inquired, talking in his regular voice, despite the sound of Ristru's insanity invading their conversation.

"Yup. In New York City, no less. Powerful magical force, apparently." Destiny frowned as she continued to read the letter. "But I have a partner." She sighed. "Oh well, maybe they won't be too bad."

"Ooooooh, magycks?" Ritsu said, his face inches away from Destiny as he read over her shoulder. Neither Destiny nor Crispin had realized that he had stopped screaming and had climbed the tree behind Destiny. He was interesting like that.

"Yes, magycks," Destiny said, patting Ristru on the head.

"Well then, you'd best be going," Crispin said. "Wouldn't want to disappoint me, now would you?"

"Of course not," Destiny replied, jumping from the tree onto her feet. "I'll be back in a few minutes anyways. You know me." With that, she left the yard and headed for Earth.


Destiny walked among the crowd of New Yorkers, not even earning a second or even first glance, in some cases, from the passersby. She may have been wearing an interesting cloak, but in New York that was hardly interesting. Perhaps she was just another nineteen-year-old cosplayer waiting for her friends. There were certainly stranger things to see in the city.

"Kalek was the name, I believe," Destiny mumbled, staring off into space. For the moment she was just waiting for her partner to arrive. It's not like the city was in major peril at the moment, so time wasn't much of an issue. Once her partner arrived, the source of the magic shouldn't be hard to track down.

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