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Varian Sigmund and Cassandra Alexandera, Bandit Fort, Curilan, Eveamoor

Varian ran back through the narrow corridor, the screams and shouts of the soldiers of the Steel Safe following closely behind them. Some would occasionally chuck spears or shoot arrows in an attempt to hit their targets. Varian knew the corridors provided the advantage for them of reducing their lead in numbers, but it also provided less maneuverability, which meant these spears and arrows thrown had a chance to hit their client’s daughter. And if she died, all of this would have been for nothing, and he would be a very angry Highman.

“This won’t work,” He began to say to Cass beside him. “We should hold them off while the boy and the job move on ahead. We can’t risk her getting shot at. The fat man might be put off.” He stated, referring to the daughter as the ‘job’ to maintain his distancing he typically preferred with human clients.

"And trust them to make it out alive?" Cass began, disagreeing greatly. "Though I suppose if they follow all the dead bodies it would work itself out," Cass said with a slight shrug before continuing her thoughts. "Nah, I rather you or I see them out ourselves. Or maybe send Ava or Alys to do it. The 'boy' can hold his own, but he's hurt. He can't last through another fight without me saving his ass. We should just fight our way through this. So much easier." Cass wasn't a fan of running away. "Not to mention more fun."

For all her inebriation and stubborn recklessness, Varian could see that Cass had a point. They would probably fair better if they were together, especially since they weren’t on enemy territory, and they probably knew it far better than they did. “Fine,” He declared before turning to address Honest, “Keep her in between us. You lead on from the top, Cass and I will fight those coming from below.” As he finished this, he turned to see a string of bandits still coming after them, though they muddled behind one another in the close proximity of the slim paths. He sent a slight nod of the head to Cass who stood beside him as a sign of his readiness to engage them.

Without a single word, Cass and Varian leapt up together and delivering a double dropkick to the leading bandit, causing the others to fall over in succession. A couple of bandits waded through the collapsed bandits, but their loss of balance made them easy pickings for Cass and Varian who effortlessly cut them down, trusting to Honest to guard the daughter, who still held on to Cass' knife in case any bandit managed to get close to her. It was a perfect combination of hacking and slashing, the combination Varian and Cass had used countless times before as they butchered their enemies as easily as a farmer would slaughter pigs. This time was no different, the oddly successful fighting pair bringing their enemies to their knees almost as effortlessly as they’ve done innumerable occasions prior, despite the enemies being no ordinary bandit group. Theirs was an odd pairing, but somehow they’ve managed to make it work, both on the battlefield and as friends. The results were shattered shields, broken bones, and an abundance of blood. The usual.

With the piles of dead bodies partially blocking the corridor, Varian and Cass took this opportunity to lead the other two through the path. The remains of the bodies tried to mount over them and pursue the two, but the delay was enough for them to make a distance between the bandits, enough to move forward. The pair ran forward, following the daughter and Honest closely, until they reached a clearing, where all of the narrow paths that came from the large room where they were ambushed diverged. In this clearing, the other mercenaries who had run down similar corridors finally met up with them, until they were all together again. Varian noted the condition of his comrades, some of them in quite bad shape, particularly Alys, who seemed to be in a horrific state. Hopefully, they would be able to get out soon and take care of their wounded. The group was now closer to the top, and had to persevere only a little more before they would be in the clear.

However, these bandits had other plans. Knowing the tunnels better than the visiting mercenary group, the bandits cut off the band of sellswords and surrounded them. At the head, the same leader from before. With his fully encased armor and wielding his hefty ball and chain, the man towered over his followers. "We don't like people crashing our parties. Gentlemen, try to keep them alive. I want to ask them a couple questions. After all, we have ways of making you talk."

Varian looked around, examining the state they were in. It seemed unlikely that they would be able to take down all of them given the current condition of his comrades, but if they took out the head bandit, that may be enough. A glance was shared with Cass, which she seemed to pick up on, and the two struck at the armor-encased bandit. Varian swung his left axe towards the bandit’s head, the blow striking at the thick armor, but the shielding protecting the sharp axe from penetrating his skin, and only caused him to stagger back. The bandit leader responded by grabbing hold of the axe which struck at him, holding onto it tightly. Varian tried to pry it from his arms, but he kept his firm grip tight around it. The Highman kicked the leader, hitting him as he attempted to break free, but no such luck happened. It was as if the bandit had strength beyond his form, such that cannot be seen, because the man appeared to exert much more power than he appeared, even despite his fully encased armor. Varian already knew what this meant, and how lethal the ball and chain would be if it would land a blow against him, which made his current situation all that more perilous. With the bandit’s free arm, he swung back his mighty weapon, and prepared to land a critical blow on Varian. Thankfully, the Highman was not alone in his fight, his companion Cass watching his back, swiftly intercepting the blow of the bandit by interfering her blade at the chain part of the weapon, thus causing the ball to wrap around. She pulled, trying to loosen his grip on the weapon, but she too learned of the bandit’s unique command of strength. He was a walking titan masked in steel skin, a foe beyond his size. In a show of his might, the bandit leader tapped into his abundance of energy, tossed both of his foes away from him by their weapons’ hold on himself. Varian again was caught off guard by the exertion of this unnatural strength, and was flung through the air as one would expect to do to smaller opponents.

“Urgh…” Varian groaned, standing up despite a few injuries he had received while fighting through this fort, not least of all by this fellow. Varian acknowledged now that this bandit was no ordinary foe, and as such neither he nor Cass should treat him as such, as neither should the rest of the mercenaries. But besides their stubbornness to refuse defeat after going so far with the job when so much coin was promised to them, Varian and Cass both still were capable fighters, as were the rest of the mercenaries. With the help of everyone, they knew they could bring him down. He was tough, but he was just a man, and all men could be killed.

Percival and Roland Grey- Necromancer's Lair, Ryuuse, Shingou

The Knights were assembled in a line, equipped with their respective ways in way or another. Percival had to search the immediate area for where his mace was flung to, but was lucky enough to find it. His shield on the other hand, was useless, being nothing more than a melted sheet of metal. The Necromancer rose from his anguish, his despair, with anger and disgust. "All those years of hard work, gone. Fine then. I will use your remains to start anew. Maybe I will use bones to make a new staff," the Necromancer snickered, clearly any remains of his mind lost in the sands of time. An aura of dark purple energy gathered around the Necromancer, as he focused his energy. It then gathered into his hands, as spheres of magical energy.

Roland prepared himself as the Necromancer released from his arms the spherical dark energy which shot through the air like plasma of a volcano, though in a darker color. As the knight of Grey raised his shield to block the attack, he felt the sting of the energy permeate his armor and strike at his arm. The shield itself decayed below the swallowing dark energy, engulfing around the steel of Reigncliff. He dropped it from his hands, but the metal was dissolved before it even hit the ground. A lingering stinging pain stayed in his arm, which he clutched to his chest as if to ease the pain, though no such relief came. Deciding to put aside what pain he felt, Roland grasped his sword with both hands, preparing for the Necromancer’s next spell, which came almost immediately after, targeting all of the knights. He held him arms to his chest, as if he were praying, though Roland seriously doubted he prayed to anyone, unless it was among the foulest of gods. Then, materializing between his hands appeared to be smog of the blackest color. The smoke began to more prominently occupy his hands, before it suddenly lit up, igniting in the dark mage’s hands, and engulfing them. No pain seemed to resonate from his face though, but rather a sense of accomplishment as the mage was seen smiling menacingly. The smoke was now fire, but not a bright orange or red one. The blaze he held between his hands was black as the night sky, yet Roland knew that such accursed flames would be just as potent, if not more so if he was hit by them. The black fire expanded in his hands, until it surrounded his arms, and with a wave of the magic, he launched an explosive wave of this newly formed black magic in the form of this dark inferno. The fire quickly expanded from his hands and spread everywhere, the small of his arms which it left from not matching the wide range that the spell reached.

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