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Zayne Alta

Zayne noted that Valorie was uncertain of the Snivy, he figured it was only fair for her to be confused since she was being asked to battle with a random pokemon - vastly different from a rental trained to battle with different trainers.
"Well, I guess we'll find out. If it doesn't want to obey you I'll let you use another pokemon. I saw her showing you her moves earlier, so she seems to be reasonably cooperative.

With that being said Zayne looked at the class, most of whom were slowly getting to their feet and returning the borrowed books
"okay, lets head down to the training fields guys".
Zayne, with his class, more or less, in tow headed through the halls of the Academy - past other classes, some empty some full. Classes that Zayne noticed included what seemed to be a class on breeding or grooming and his friend, Steven Yew's classroom.
Things here run strangely smoothly... even the hiccups in my lesson seemed to run their courses perfectly.

Upon reaching one of the standard practice fields, not too far away from the crater that was once the artificial ice field. Zayne decided it was time to explain the classes task;
"Okay, I want you all to take a position around the edges of the battlefield. This battle is going to be somewhat of a free for all. Opponents will be coming at you from all directions so you need to be quick on your feet, analysing your peers pokemon quickly and using your knowledge of your own to effectively counter - it will be a must for you to play to your own pokemon's strengths or they will be knocked out and you will be relegated to watching."

Some of the faces were staring at Zayne in shock
This should be interesting
"Start at will."


"Looks scary. But gentle hearted."

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