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    Penance and Alicia - Starting a surprise

    Penance sighed in relief as they appeared on an island and he dropped the unconscious Marowak onto the sand. "Okay.. first off, I need to do this." He made his way to the shore line and stood there for a bit before he suddenly doubled over and let his breakfast make its way out. He coughed and sputtered for a bit before he rose back up and sighed in relief. "Okay... much better. Sorry about that." He said as he wiped off any leftover reside on his bill.

    He frowned and closed his eyes, concentrating a bit as he went over all the various plans he could think of off the top of his head. He knew there were plans where if Aecor went down another would be in charge, if just for a bit, but there was chaos over there! He couldn't personally connect to each and every mind of his tribe and ask them to stop or retreat. Now emotions were in control over there. They would keep fighting until Aecor's death was paid for in full.

    "Alicia, we need to get behind the other tribe... somehow. We ned to port behind them and begin to take them out, make them think some of our soldiers are now flanking them. That will divide their attention and cause the soldiers to swarm in easier. I have an idea. I'll be making multiple Water Pulses once we port over there. You're job is to hold them with your psychic powers and on my command send them out almost as if we have multiple water types attacking. That can confuse the forces and lead to us getting some ground on them! Maybe even make them retreat and lead to our tribe getting out before the humans come with their flying devices. What do you think?"

    Alicia had turned around at the sight of Penance throwing up all over the beach, covering her mouth with her hand. A few tears were stuck in the corners of her eyes, even as she turned back to Penance, breathing heavily and quickly, a hand moving up to brush a stray strand of hair out of her face.

    "G-get behind them and attack them? No! We can't, if we go back there, they.. they're just going to fight even harder! Didn't you see them back there, Penance? They were completely feral! Both our sides! It was nothing but a massacre and you want to go back?! No, no no no..."

    She trailed off, raising her hands to rest her head in them, taking deep, shallow breaths, clearly both confused, frightened and panicked by the recent events.

    Penance sighed as he saw her slowly breaking down and came up to her, holding her sofly. "Hey hey... easy there. Alicia, I need you to calm down okay? Take a few deep breaths, throw up if you have to. It was a terrible sight, I know. I always planned for it... but never knew if this would really happen. Aecor is dead... there is nothing we can do to change that now, but what we can do is fight to curb the violence. Here is what is going to happen Alicia, these two sides will fight. They will fight furiously and all the while more and more will die. As this fighting drags on those humans will come and enact a massive massacre. Alice... if we don't help at least one side stop and end the fighting then it'll only get worse. You have to listen and trust me with this."

    He sighed a bit, "Alicia, it is scary, yes I know, but this is life. This is what will happen if we let this go too far. And... I can't let that happen. I could never stand by and watch my friends, my allies dying while I am not there. You must understand that. If at the very least port me over there and stay here. Please."

    Alicia kept her face hidden behind her soft-looking, white hands as she was held by Penance, unmoving for a long, long time. After several minutes of her breath slowly calming down, she removed her eyes, looking unsure and shaky, but at the same time, her eyes had a weird spark of determination to them as she looked down at Penance.

    "... I... this is too much. Too much for any one person to handle. If it hadn't been for you, I would've been struck down while off in my own little world back there. I don't... I don't want to go back there, but at the same time... I have to. If not for our allies who're dying... then for you." She swallowed deeply and nodded her head.

    "Alright. I'm... with you. I believe in your plan, like I always have. What do we do with the Marowak in the meantime, though..?"

    Penance smiled and held her hand. "Then we'll go and we'll be able to help the others! We'll lead those others to victory and beat down those that dared to kill Aecor!" He glanced at the ground type. "Well we are on an island. I managed to knock him out so that will make certain he'll stay here for a bit, and also the fact that he's on an island, he's not going anywhere anytime soon. He'll be stuck here so for now we'll keep him here. Once we're done wtih the others and retreating, we'll grab him and take him along for the ride."

    Alicia nodded lightly and took a deep breath, looking back to Penance from the Marowak. "Right. I... suppose I'm as ready as can be. Behind their lines, freeze your attacks in place, let them loose when you tell to, got it. What about afterwards..?"

    He smiled, "We port. So I'll put the Pulses up, you hold as many as you can, shoot them every so often and then we port out, probably back here so that we can wait a bit and gather your energy so we can head back when the rest come home."
    Alicia nodded and gave a shaky kind of smile. Even if this was close to a suicide mission, at least it was with Penance. She took a deep breath and shut her eyes, resting her hands on Penance's arms. Her hair billowed for just a moment before the two of them disappeared from sight, and a moment later, reappeared in between a bunch of trees. Not too far off, the sounds of fighting were raging and Alicia took a deep breath to steady herself again, biting her lower lip worriedly. "... Alright. Let's do it."

    Penance smiled at her, "Thank you Alicia." He readied a pulse in mid air and quickly set it there, hoping for Alicia to hold it in place as he began to work on making other pulses. "Just keep them steady, and on my signal send out... three at a time. That should be enough to make them think there are some soldiers here that are constantly sending out attacks." He nodded as he made a few more, not that many but enough to distract the opposing army for a bit. "Whenever you are ready, send them out." He stated with a brisk nod.
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