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    Just added the Bike Riding Contest in Route 11, completed with Snorlax event, and several bonus events that are triggered if you have certain POKEMON in your party.

    Btw, I heard that some people encounter freezing issue after the lab event where the girl stole the Squirtle, who else encountered that issue? Cuz I don't seem to have this problem, but I need more detail to see where to look, so i can fix it.

    Originally Posted by qaz015393 View Post
    I didn't go into the club but the game still freezes after the scene in the lab. Just to let u know since some people said don't go in the poke club.
    Don't worry, I've fixed the the freeze fort he 2nd patch. For now, just dont goto the pokemon fan club first, goto SS ANNE first, then goto fan club.

    Anyway, you said the game freezes after the scene in the lab. Can you tell me which part, and hwo did it freezes (like is it black screen, or the characters appeared)?
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