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Originally Posted by Akiyuki Aretukasu View Post
Hiker Anthony! I love that guy! He told me about Dunsparce, my favorite Pokémon. <3

The attacks seem nice. Focus Energy is a convenient attack for when you're 1 turn away from having enough Energy for Cross Chop. Doesn't seem very helpful after that, though (in two turns, you would be doing the same amount of damage, anyway).

On Typhlosion, I'm pretty sure that "discard a card" should be "discard 1 card" and "special condition" should be "Special Condition." I don't think "you may" is needed (unless you want the added effect to be optional).

Also, "attacked" should be "attached." It's a very easy typo to make. I've done it on some of my image fakes before.

It kind of reminds me of a Pokémon ex. It's a shame that its only attack required discards, though. Probably not really worth using without proper support.
Those are all noted and changed! Except for the "you may" thing, because I've decided to leave that flexibility in as a strategic play. Actually, never mind on the "1/a" thing. I have definitely seen it both ways, but I see it as "a" more frequently.

It's certainly not the best card, and is meant to be paired with a Fire-type energy accelerator.
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