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Hilda - Vigilantism and Community Service
Not too long later...

Hilda waited outside the academy, a rather burly looking darmanitan flashing a shark-tooth cheshire grin at awaiting students. It was a wonder those huge, cruel teeth didn't intimidate new trainers from a mile away. She was checking the time as the moment for departure drew ever more near. In fact, it was just about time...

Looking up, she adjusted the brim of her hat to better shield her eyes from the sun. "Alright! Students, let's start moving out. Stick together and move at a /medium/ pace. Don't split up and don't get left behind. Call out if you need help. Alright? We should get there pretty fast if we can make this work." she stated. Earlier, she had recommended that anyone without pokemon to ride find a partner or ask her if necessary, as she had strong pokemon of her own to provide transportation... but not quite enough for the entire class. Without further ado, she ushered several students-in-need onto the back of her darmanitan and released an emboar to help out in this regard.

"Let's make some good time, alright?~" she said in an encouraging tone.

It's been a long time since we crossed paths over spcae-time~
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