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Aww don't say that. You won't screw anything up, you seem like an adorable person. :3 Welcome to PC~!

Wow, you're a really diverse Pokemon fan! So that means you keep up to date with the anime, orrr have you just watched it a while ago? Awesome that you've seen the movies as well; really happy to hear that! The movies were really good and some almost made me cry, like Wishmaker. ;_; The recent Keldeo movie wasn't too bad, though I'm more looking forward to the coming Genesect movie.

A card game player too, I see? Awesome! The Trading Card Game section really could use more regulars so I definitely recommend you make some posts there. It's a wonderful place and has a wonderful moderator so I'm sure you'll be able to discuss it with others and find people with interests similar to yourself. I'm a fan of the card game but mostly for the cute artwork, since I'm too shy to find people to play with and I've never tried any online Pokemon TCG platforms.

Really, posting around in general will be a blast though, so it's great that you've made some posts already! You'll love PC. :D The biggest accomplishment would be to break out of your shell and be less shy since there really is no reason to be. I can sympathize though.. I was the same way when I first joined, but posting around more has been really fun and I'm glad I did so.

Enjoy your stay here and pleasure meeting you! I'm always around if you wanna chat, too.

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