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    Well, it's been a month since my last update. So here's Update #2, now with five badges.
    • Went up to Route 4. Was super surprised to see how different it was from White 2's Route 4. :O
    • Beat Colress. I don't remember the battle, but I imagine that Tepig was especially helpful there.
    • Cleared both Route 4 and the Desert Resort. Sigilyph are annoying... >_<
    • Started my Join Avenue off with an antique shop.
    • Reached Nimbasa and did some sightseeing around the main part of the city.
    • Cleared Routes 16 and 5, as well as the Lostlorn Forest.
    • Teamed up with Rosa and defeated Ingo and Emmet (hehe, "I am Emmet").
    • Visited Anville Town, and did the lost Pansage mini-sidequest thing.
    • Went into the amusement park. Got Yancy's lost Xtransceiver. Rode the roller coaster.
    • Nimbasa Gym. "GIMME WHAT I NEED!" Yeah, I love this gym theme! ^-^ Anyways, Elesa was pretty tricky. Volt Switching everywhere! Since Archen and Squirtle are at a disadvantage here, I don't think they got any screen time (unless I used Archen for a little bit against Emolga, which I can't recall). Tepig did a bit of damage, but I switched out because of Static. Shaymin carried the team in this battle (I actually think this may have been its first gym battle!), and won us the Bolt Badge! ^-^

    • Rode the Ferris Wheel with Beauty December, who seems like a spy or something? Or someone undercover? A rich girl who escaped from her manor? I have no idea what her deal is.
    • Trounced the Plasma goons as I'm exiting the city.
    • Battled and defeated the Heartbreaker, Charles, in a Rotation Battle. Haha, I'd love to see him have a conversation with Emmet!
    • Crossed the Driftveil Drawbridge (a.k.a. the Charizard Bridge, which I don't see).
    • Explored Driftveil City, Route 6, and as far as I could reach in Chargestone Cave.
    • Driftveil Gym. I really like this theme too. ^-^ Anyways, I explored every platform to make sure I missed no trainer. And then on to Clay. His Krokorok got in a Torment before falling to a crit Water Pulse from Squirtle. That Torment was really annoying, I later found. Sandslash was up next. I got in a Skull Bash that did like 1/8 damage, and Clay is impressed at the strength. I laughed. The Defense increase was kinda helpful, actually. It helped Squirtle survive, even after Sandslash got Hyper Potion'd, and let out a Torrent-boosted Water Pulse to knock it out. Would've done it with less hassle and less risk if Torment wasn't active, but oh well. Excadrill was last, and at this point, Squirtle was too low on health, so I brought in Shaymin, who immediately took a crit Metal Claw. We still did a number on Excadrill using Magical Leaf and Leech Seed, but I switched out to Tepig (Shaymin's HP was getting low and Bulldoze lowered its Speed), anticipating a Metal Claw. And it was... Metal Claw! So I next switched out to Archen, thinking he'd use a ground attack. But nope, Rock Slide was a OHKO. D: Then Shaymin returned, with its Speed intact, to deliver the finishing blow for our Quake Badge!
    • We're gonna visit the PWT next time!

    The team so far:

    CharacteristicQuick to fleeStrongly defiantMischievousHates to lose
    AbilityBlazeDefeatistTorrentNatural Cure
    ItemCharcoalNoneMystic WaterLeftovers
    MovesFlame ChargeAcrobaticsWater PulseMagical Leaf
    RolloutAncientPowerBiteLeech Seed
    StrengthReturnSkull BashReturn
    Defense CurlDragonBreathDigGrowth
    Completed Solo Runs
    Treecko: FR (3 KOs) | HG (29 KOs)
    Buizel: Pt (5 KOs)