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Kraus and Cecilia (Gin) Reese

Kraus stopped when Lucy came near him. "I, uh..." He was having trouble forming functional sentences, and his face became flushed. He was struck by some sort of sensation that made his chest beat like a drum. He had no idea what it was he was feeling, however, it was foreign to him. He had an idea of what it was, maybe some sort of affection born recently...but from what? Kraus had no reason to have feelings for Lucy, and it was this confusion mixed with affection that made communicating so hard.

"Yeah..." He turned away from Lucy. "Those guys, uh..." Then he felt something small, but very, very hard, hit his head. Kraus looked back at Cecilia with contempt, and then he continued. “They were no problem. What, you don’t think I can handle myself?” He looked away again and said, “Then again, I distinctly remember you saying, ‘You look a little strong to be being rescued’…so I guess there is reason for concern…hehe.” It was yet another instance that he, like Mako, remembered but cdouldn’t put a finger on. This time, however, there was no pain brought on from reviving a lost memory, as was the case with most of their mysterious memories from before. Instead, he just…knew. He remembered hearing her say it as if he himself were there, and if he had been able to see the event in his head, he would have been sure that it happened to him.

Cecilia took notice of what was happening off in the distance, and she had been watching since the beginning. All of it. She watched as the altercation took place, knowing that something unexpected was about to happen, but there was naught that she was willing to do, not when her brother was enjoying himself, so. Then, suddenly, the sound of incredibly fast moving wind shot through Kraus’ ears like a bullet. He covered them and grabbed them, almost tearing them off from the sincere pain (due to his heightened sense of hearing and, similarly, his heightened sensitivity). “WHAT THE HELL IS THAT N-“ He couldn't take it anymore. He was barely able to witness the mayhem taking place a ways off and, mid-sentence, he collapsed, Cecilia dismounting before he hit the ground. Cecilia pulled and shoved on Kraus’ unmoving body, mouthing the name “Mako” over and over, with tears in her eyes.

Mako Reese - ???

"Mako, wake up." A familiar voice spoke from the darkness.

Mako opened his eyes...or so he thought. There was still only darkness, and he couldn't even see himself. "Kraus?" He started. "Kraus, is that you?"

"Listen to what I have to say." The voice continued without answering, or even acknowledging his question. "My name is Creed...and this is probably the last time anyone'll be hearing my voice, so I want to make it count." Mako remained silent, not really understanding what was going on. Interestingly, though, the name Creed did ring a bell, as if he'd heard it many a time before. "I'm not the type for exposition, but...well, there's no better time than when both you and Kraus are outta commision, and since you guys'll never catch on to the whole situation, I'll simply explain it to you. You need to understand yourself, and I'll try to aid you in that. I don't have much time, I suspect, so I'll be brief."

"First off, I am you...or rather, I am a culmination of both you and Kraus. If I had to guess, I'm a persona that came about because you needed me, it's not unheard of. Having said that, we are not the same person. I don't really know what I am...I'm not even sure if I truly exist...and if I do exist, I shouldn't. I can usually come out when you (and Kraus) need me most, or when you lose consciousness...but that's no longer possible. You've become far too strong willed...and even need me anymore. As such, you may have noticed that, since the evolution, things have been clearer. I'm referring to memories and the like, things that you don't remember happening but you still know that they occurred. This is because I am being absorbed into your consciousness...we're essentially merging, except you will remain as Mako, you won't change shape or have to change your name to "Meed" or "Crako" or anything like that." He stopped talking for a few moments. It was hard to tell what he was thinking or feeling at the time, but Mako had a good feeling that he understood. "Once that happens, you will know all that I know, and you will feel all that I feel and have felt, physically and emotionally. However, our mingling personalities, which I have already seen you display, are what make us unique, and what makes 'Creed' an individual, even if he no longer exists. In that sense, we really will be separate...and I selfishly take comfort in knowing that, in some sense, I will exist as my own entity."


"In a way, I guess you could say that this little endeavor is pointless," Creed continued after a pause. "...but I feel that it was at least for closure on my part. Take care of Amy and Lucy, you and them are all I love and care about in the world. Ciao." With that, the voice drifted away until it was absorbed by silence. Mako remained speechless, but he was quickly thrown into a whirlwind of pain when he all the sudden started to gain memories, bombarding his mind as if they were bullets from a machine gun. He couldn't yell, however. He couldn't even move. There was only one thing he could do: wake up.
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