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/is hugged
Thank you! :3 I'll hug you back. Free hugs all around!

Oh, welcome to PC, yes? Great to meet you!

Congrats on beating the Elite Four in White 2! I'd give you my friend code but it wouldn't matter since I don't have WiFi.. ;~; Do you trade or battle often? You'll fit into the Trade Corner and Battle Center very well I'm sure, so that's a suggestion you should check out sometime. Can get your teams rated and participate in tournaments in the Battle Center, plus the Trade Corner's the best platform for getting the Pokemon you want. Makes me sad to even post this since I just can't participate due to not having a wireless connection, ahh. :(

But you do seem really kind and helpful! We love people like that here. Maybe you can help other members out with their Pokemon games, since people often post around the Pokemon boards asking for help? There's a lot of ways to help out so I'll be looking forward to seeing you help in your own way. ;D Would love to be friends with you as well; drop me a friend request anytime! Let's chat about Pokemon, White/Black 2, or anything else.

Have a great time and hope you have a wonderful day! :]

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