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Alright, I think it's time I provided input in this thread. I'll break it down I guess. I don't know how much I have to say but we'll see where my post takes me:
  • First off, I'd like to talk about what Anti just said. The scale of our player-base is extremely small. While I understand this is a tier list created for PC's use and PC's use only, it's basically impossible to get a feel for what a metagame is on such a small scale. Our server is full of people at the moment (27), but honestly, looking through the list of people here, I can't imagine more than 30% would be willing to stick it out with this project until XY comes out (which is when I assume we'd stop and / or restart the whole process with XY mons, probably after seeing how the real metagame plays out of course). I don't think we entirely have enough people to practically do this. Especially considering how much thought has to go into the creation of a team in the first place, we'll probably end up battling with the same three teams over and over and we'll eventually learn each others' teams / strats until it's just not relevant to testing anymore.
  • Second, I personally don't know how dedicated to this I could be. I have a couple feelings on how my participation will play out. First, I'd probably start out making one team, and from that never make a team again because of how "difficult" and time consuming the process is. Not to mention I've been away from BW2 basically entirely and I don't even know what the **** a Thundurus-I is. While I'd love to be more dedicated, I'm currently going through one of the most stressful events I think I'll ever go through and I can't be sure I'll be entirely focused on this project with my free time. Sure, summer is coming up and I'm out of school on May 1st, but I've actually managed to secure a summer job which is cool. When thinking about participating in these kinds of projects, I tend to forget I have a lot of other **** going on in my life that I just overlook because I get overly excited about something.
  • Third, I honestly feel like we should focus on tiers other than NU / OU for a bit and see how that goes. I'm personally very interested in UU (because a couple of my favorite pokemon lie in that tier aka Slowbro / Zapdos / Scrafty). LC is also extremely fun, even though Eviolite ruined it. While I think Eviolite removed some of the charm of the tier, it definitely added another layer of strategy that really wasn't there before, making it a semi-viable tier in my eyes. It's not longer priority / gligar / oran berries. I mean, I liked that, but now it's a bit more "real". RU seems interesting to say the least and I could get behind it perhaps.
  • Lastly, if you guys do decide to go through and create this whole tier list thing, I'm not saying I won't contribute because I'd like to. I just can't guarantee I'll stick through it all the way. When I came back in January to PC, I came back because of XY. I had no desire to play BW again. It's very hard for me to get back into things because of how BW2 changed things rather significantly (at least to me it seems like quite a bit has changed). So if we end up creating a metagame, I don't really have a new metagame to learn, do I? I'd be helping create it. (Chimecho OU, yes?)