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    Well what am I doing here? @[email protected]

    I've kind of gotten back some of my interest into competitive battling and will be willing to stick around (for real, probably) if this forum can get back on its feet. Currently I'm trying to regain what little skill I had before.

    As for my thoughts on whether we should go for our own metagame I think we can do it provided people actually contribute. BW OU is a miserable sack of garbage so there's no way in hell we should play that but I feel with a few major tweaks we can have a creative and easy to get into metagame in which everyone can play until XY come out. I think we should unban some of the more controversial stuff like Blaziken while keeping the general Uber banlist (I mean stuff like Mewtwo/Kyogre/Arceus are 100% broken in OU). We also need to make it unique, there's no point in playing BW OU 2.0. We need to differentiate it somehow. I have a few ideas like banning auto-weather (I will make a case for this when the time comes) but we'll leave that to when we actually decide to build it. Basically with enough contribution it can be done, say 10-15 people playing it and 5-6 "council" members, we can build a framework before getting more people in on it. 6 months is longer then you think and it will take Smogon a bit to iron out XY.

    But I agree that we should not ban too much, I feel we as members should try to make our PC OU contain elements of what we liked in DP OU but accept that BW OU is not DP OU and will never be. How to do this...I have no idea.

    If people are against that however, I think the most valid option is BW UU. Currently or so I've read, the members of Smogon seem to think it's in a state of perfect balance (think Pre-Latias DP OU or Post-Mence OU) so it's really damn fun to play. It allows all play-styles and most of it...there's no centralization. Gimmicks can work and you don't see Ninetales and Politoed on every team.

    tl;dr I'm all for PC OU, it can work imo. If not try BW UU, it's the best of a sorry bunch by far.