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    Well, my first games were Blue and Yellow. Good, good times where I couldn't get past Brock in Yellow or Misty in Blue (chose Squirtle). I later earned Red Version for acing Kindergarten, but I couldn't get past Brock again (chose Charmander). I would come to rectify all of this years later, but back then it was a struggle...
    Then there was Gold and Silver, the former I barely played, and the latter I plowed through with just my Meganium. Beat the Elite 4 with it at Lvl. 79, no ducks were given that year.

    Sapphire was when I became all for serious and got my stuffing together. The rest, as they say, is historical nonsense.
    I've been here since Gen 1, but Gen 3 was what forever stole my the Shadow Realm.

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