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Originally Posted by Lt. Col. Fantastic View Post
Hmmm.....maybe I shall do a bit of guessing. I'm gonna guess our friends velociClamper and the like will be back...or maybe new guys of the same type?

Oh and btw, Im totally going to ask hardly relevent questions in OOC again. You know the ones like...

Why did you guys choose your classes?


no but for real im going to save those for later. pretend you never saw that bolded text.
From what the plot looks like now, it would be difficult to include VC or the likes. But we shall see ;)

Also, I chose my class because I somewhat ended up tailoring it for a character that could do unexpected things or lead the way in the RP sometimes, in case you others don't really know what to do now and then ^^ I think my character could have fit well as a Knight or Mage too.

Originally Posted by Vato View Post
Just so you know, Red. Proper SU construction from my part will not come until this weekend (hopefully), I has too much homework -.-

Good personality traits: Smart.
Can easily come up with a plan.
Great sense of humor.
Honest (perhaps a little bit too honest at times)
Cares for others.

Bad personality traits:
Bad temper.
Overly sarcastic.
Tends to make a hell of a mess out of simple things (which is, he tends to complicate things... a lot).
Helps ONLY when convenient.
Most of times rude (but fails to realize he IS being rude)
Cold and Distant.
Okay, well you can't keep all of these good/bad traits because some are contradicting :p

If he is cheerful, I doubt he's cold and distant. If he cares for others, it's strange that he's self-centered or at least selfish. I get the feeling of two opposite people here so please slim the words down to fit better together ^^

@ Retro - okay!

paired to a seeker
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