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    Sammy Cooper

    Sammy danced to her right to avoid stray bubbles from Bubblebeam, Cubone doing his best to copy her movements and move with her. Bubblebeam was a particularly tricky one to avoid as once the initial force of the attack exhausted itself, the stinging bubbles could be carried anywhere by the wind. The stream of bubbles hit Shuppet head on, popping violently, but the Puppet Pokemon just floated there, staring directly at Len. It would be tricky for opponents to tell how close Shuppet was to fainting, apparently.

    Now, what move to use? Sammy wasn't very familiar with Shuppet yet, seeing as she had caught him only the night previous. His moves were Confuse Ray, Knock Off, Screech and Nightshade. Given the point of the exercise, Confuse Ray seemed like a decent choice. If neither of them knew exactly what Len would do, or what direction he would attack in, they would really have to stay on their toes.

    "Shuppet, Confuse Ray!" Sammy called out as she danced from foot to foot.
    "Cubone!" Echoed Cubone.

    Shuppet's eyes began to glow a sinister kaleidoscope of reds and purples, staring straight towards Len's eyes. So long as the Poliwrath looked into Shuppet's eyes once he would become confused.

    Alexander Vance

    Xander was reluctantly hoisted onto an Emboar's shoulders for the trip. Not the most dignified way to travel, perhaps, but it was better than trailing behind the group on foot. Any of his pokemon, once fully evolved, would be able to carry him with ease. Unfortunately none of them were quite large enough yet, so for now he would have to suffer through this.

    "What made you decide to teach this particular class, Miss?" He asked Hilda. "I was under the impression that law enforcement don't always appreciate vigilantism."
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