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    Originally Posted by PEDRO12 View Post
    Mother. Of. Christ. O__o
    I've already said how much I admire this so I'll stop at that :p
    Nice to hear :>
    Originally Posted by Pinkish Purple View Post
    I feel that the outlines are way too dark. Try something lighter or try the darkest shade in the building itself.

    PS: Is FBI Agent back? my patience has it's limits.
    The outlines look just fine to me D:
    Also not yet.

    Originally Posted by Ash493 View Post
    I can't take more of these awesome tiles o.O
    If you do something more, I might get a heart attack :D
    But I will make more...

    Originally Posted by nomi1993a View Post
    Hahaha are u kiding? Those screen shots are looking owsome. . . And the tiles are stunning, which gives a glimpse of your hard work. . .keep it up just w8ing 4 the beta to come
    Almost done.

    Originally Posted by ★Hoenn★ View Post
    No matter how hard you try,
    We will never die,
    We will always try,
    And we we will rise to the stars~

    Aaanyway, birthday or not, this is no time to slack xD.

    But I'm not mad at you either.
    ... and you know how to place the correct tiles, too! I'm shocked to see that Pokémon Center with those tiles, since I had long before thought that palette was a bit too dull, but it seems cool over here!

    (sigh) I guess I'll stop asking for release then... good luck, tho~
    Thanks, well it got slight changes anyways that probably why.
    Also I try to get it done.

    Originally Posted by princeazne View Post
    i plan to buy a nintendo 3ds but i see this new updates its loook like pokemon black,white diamond & pearl nds etc. its like pokemon game for ds nice now i wait to release this and i will cancel to buy nintendo 3ds waste money i use emulator to play in my android phone tnx anbuja!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Probably nicest comment I've until now :>
    It's nice to hear that people think this way.

    Originally Posted by Bastoonet View Post
    The tiles are just awesome!!
    Personally i would prefer a hack with only 1-3rd gen pokemon
    Implementing new generations means replacing older ones... And the pokemon cries are rarely replaced...
    I've didn't insert any new pokemon yet since that was not my prority.
    But when I'll get new ones in, I'll change off course rheyre cries too~

    Originally Posted by shreyanshvalentino View Post
    Awesome of luck for the hack..can't wait for its release :D
    Me neither.

    I'll probably get tomorrow some stuff for you guys.