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i love this game

I've had Borderlands 2 for Xbox 360 since early-January, and I don't think I've played and enjoyed a game as much before. Currently, I've got a Level 37 Siren, and I only defeated the Warrior around 24 hours ago (it gave me the Flakker; worst legendary weapon in existence 9.9) and I'm going through all the TVHM story missions and leaving the sides till after I defeat the Warrior a few times and eventually reach Level 50 (so then all the missions scale up and give me something decent). I haven't bothered making a "build" yet; I've just performed full investments into the Harmony skill tree because I feel that survival of the fittest is one of the main priorities of this game (you can't be dying every two seconds with Hyperion taking 7% of your funds off of you every death), but in the foreseeable future I'll probably just look up a build that caters to my playstyle and use that (I'm not formulating my own build).

In the loot department, I'm going terribly; as previously mentioned the legendary I got off of the Warrior was utterly dreadful and I honestly don't want to spend another five minutes killing the Warrior only to discover that I've either gotten nothing or another Flakker. I'm barely finding anything above white, and due to this I'm always surviving by the skin of my teeth (I imagine a lot about how I would have survived if I had gone Cataclysm or something similar). In my first playthrough, I picked up a Baby Maker that carried me through almost the entirety of the remainder of the game (thanks Mad Dog!) but that had to be sold very soon into TVHM... as did all of my other weapons, sadly. Still, I'm hopeful that as I progress further into the game, I'll reap my rewards for my ever-thinning patience towards the weapons generator.

I do have another playthrough: a Level 13 Mechromancer. I find her to be a pretty nice character to play (Deathtrap dominates when you invest enough into Little Big Trouble and I'm considering spending some points into Best Friends Forever pretty soon), but I'm not very far into the game and I'm still finding my feet in terms of loot (almost all of my weapons are white and green T_T). I aim to finish the first playthrough with her by the end of the school holidays, but chances are I'll just get distracted by my TVHM Siren.
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