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Originally Posted by Cirno View Post
I just can't keep away from my baby so I will request to remake it again. May I please reserve the electric rodent fanclub? n~n
Well, your baby deserves to be with you, so you'll have it reserved till the 25th ;) Otherwise someone might steal it from you!

Originally Posted by Magnetic View Post
Is there no water pokemon club?! We need an ocean/pool/hot tub to hang out in!
As per the 'three months to live rule', The Royal Blue Ocean [Water Type Pokemon Club] is still an active club, however, since there hasn't been any activity from the owner in a while, anyone is free to take over it (unless the current owner says otherwise), or remake it. You're free to do so as well if you want to, and if that's the case, just post it in here :)

Updates April 19th

Kickin' it Old School! - Original 151 Fan Club, <3Hoenn Pokemon Fan Club!<3, Gen V Pokemon Fan Club, ~|Ghost Hacker- Rotom Club|~ and 17 Kingdoms ~ Ransei Fan Club were all closed due to inactivity from the owners. If anyone wants to take over any of these club, you're free to PM me, and we'll work something out. Otherwise, feel free to remake any of these clubs if you please.