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    Well, ive been hunting for Sandile, and ive not found him yet. But then tis lil guy popped up. Sassy nature.

    This is on White 2, after 2220 REs in Relic Castle, and sometimes dual hunting with White, with 834 REs on that. so 3054 overall. Still gonna keep hunting for Sandile

    I seem to have had a string of green shinies XD

    EDIT 6 HOURS LATER: The shiny gods are smiling upon me today! This little lady just popped up on my copy of White after another 6 hours of dual hunting!

    Calm nature, with intimidate as the ability! booya!

    As i say, this came from my copy of White, obviously with no shiny charm (so totally unexpected), with a total of 1183 REs in Relic Castle. I have a total of 2598 REs on White 2 as well, giving a grand total of 3781 REs to get this Sandile. So yeah, 2 shinies, 6 hours apart, from 2 different games, in a total of 3781 REs. I feel so happy
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