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    Aww man! I'm dissappointed.
    I was amazed at that Map Editor you made, how you can select tiles at different sizes, place entities, and I loved the SmartPlace feature that placed tiles that automatically 'adapt' to the ones near them.
    After doing a lot of searching on Google for other stuff like this, I found Pokemon Dawn Engine, an open source C# Pokemon Engine.... Just like this. I downloaded the source code, and checked some stuff, and the map editor is nearly identical...
    If you're going to steal, at least give credit. And here I thought you were doing all this from scratch!!
    If you did do something, it was probably compile those tilesets into one from others..
    Next time don't change the name of something that is already made, releasing it again. If you're going to make a Pokemon C# Engine, even if you're going to learn from other source codes, at least don't copy and paste. Do it in your own way, hell, you even kept the design of the forms the same...
    I once, several months ago, started a C# Xna based Pokemon game, but I stopped. I'm now going to pickup that project, and continue. I'm going to make an ever better engine than Dawn, and It won't be based on it either.
    Thank you, oxysoft, for inspiring me to get back to it, and have a nice day.