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    Originally Posted by Team Fail View Post
    I thought "s'il-te plait" translated as "If you please."

    Anyways, yeah. Gotta do a pamphlet featuring a destination and it all has to be in French. Gosh it's hard .__.
    More or less.

    Si = If
    Il = It (Because the "it" is unknown at this point, masculine form is used)
    Te = You
    Plait = Pleases

    If it was "if you please," it would be "Si tu plais." Verb form is a big hint here that it's a reflection of "Il" - meaning "It" - and not "Tu." In fact, if it was written "S'il-te plais," it wouldn't make sense.

    On a side-note, just saying "Si tu plais" doesn't make sense without a context.

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