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Agnes Johansson- Atlantean Relief Centre, Stockholm, Sweden

The men started talking in rapid English.

"Did you talk to her?"

"N-not yet. C-can you?"



"Talk about what?" Agnes interrupted. She meant to sound annoyed but her eagerness must have shone through.

"Hi Agnes," Atticus said, once again speaking Swedish. "my name's Atticus Forsberg. Um, me and Freddie here are, uh, as you put it, kidnapping you from these guys. They may seem cool but uh, the Royal Family are not really who they make themselves out to be. They may seem like nice guys, I know, but like, 90% of the time they're usually making some bullcrap story up so you be friends with them."

Agnes listened and wanted to say something in reaction but wasn't sure of what she would say. Atticus was hard to read, for some reason. Freddie stood between them, nervously looking from the man to the young woman.

"Me and Freddie here," Atticus continued, "are part of another organisation called the Atlantean Unification Project or the AUP like some people call it. We're basically all about uniting us," he gestured to the three of them, "and we offer sanctuary and stuff to people like us if you don't want these guys getting into your brain and basically becoming their personal puppets."

"Uniting, jaså?" Agnes mumbled thoughtfully, still trying to get a read on the new man.

"We've been watching you actually."

Her strangely blue eyes widened but only for a moment. She shouldn't be surprised, maybe. A silly smile grew onto her face instead of any kind of anger or fear.

"As creepy as that sounds, and you seem like a pretty cool person and we'd like for you to join us and stuff. Um... Yeah, I think that's it," he turned back to Freddie, speaking in English, "how did I do?"

"Ok... I think," Freddie nodded slowly.

"So yeah," Atticus returned to Swedish, "yeah. Um... Yeah. You speak English, don't you?"

"Oh, I do! Everyone in Sweden does, unless they are like 100 years old or so. I'm not super good perhaps, I only learned from school and TV and such but pretty much everything is in English anyways and I can understand what you say perfectly so just talk, don't mind me and Swedish! I just might have a weird pronunciation, haha, never got to practice much. I come from a very small town you know, and here in Stockholm I don't get to speak English very often either. So..."

She finally had to breathe. Yeah, her exitedness must have showed now.

"Anyways, I'm in! Haha, of course I'm in. These royalties sound a bit dull anyways, making people stand in line and register and all. Oh, unless you guys want me to go back and register as well? I don't know how you do it, have you registered already? Or are you, like, undercover?"

An organisation that had been looking up her and specifically wanted her to join them! That's like a superhero movie or something! Only... She glanced back at the room they had left earlier.

"What about the Santa girl? Or guy, I don't really know what was going on there. But... Should we just let them take her and brainwash her to become a loyal soldier or whatever it is you're saying they do? Shouldn't we try to gather as many as possible if it's unification you're after?"

She looked questioningly at Atticus, because Freddie seemed lost for words when she looked at him first. Atticus Forsberg was sturdier. Relaxed. But that was all she got. Who was he? And speaking of undercover stuff, what was up with Freddie's troubled walking anyways? Questions. Maybe she should think a bit more before she jumped into one organisation or another. Maybe these AUP were really the culprits and liars. After all, this did feel a bit illegal.

Not that Agnes really minded. At least not if they were right about the Royal Family.

((OOC: could you please include a little physical description of Atticus in a coming post? :p I've kind of forgotten everything except his red hair. It was red, uh, right?))

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