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Bravely Default Flying Fairy is leaving Japan! This is probably one of the Square-Enix games I've been most excited to play in the last while, but never got around to importing it. Glad I waited!

Originally Posted by Cid View Post
Also Zero EXP is that one ability (do they call it abilities? I can't remember because it's been too long since I've played KH haha) I'll never really use. :P I agree that it doesn't sound fun, but I guess it's more opportunities to get bragging rights for the hardcore! Haha.
Okay, so I've read up on it since then and Zero EXP doesn't sound too bad in KHFM because apparently if you're level 1 and you have that equipped, it scales the enemies down to level 1 as well. So it might even be easier than normal?
Anyway, are you guys familiar with Dissidia 012? I just saw the coolest vid ever. :o
oh my god

i need these hacks in my life

but I can't really afford to be re-addicted to Dissidia 012 again. It ate literally my whole Christmas break and then some last year, haha. :(