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    Spikezard, Spinezard, Spinke, Spiketile, Spiguan, Needlezard, Tipguan, Tipzard, Tipcko, Bladezard, Bladespine, Bladecko, Bladetile, Bladeguan, Thawkraptor, Axezard, Axerex, Hawkrex, Hackzard. Those are the first ones I came up with. Tomahawk? There Isnt much foing with blades with the 3rd evolution? Maybe an Battle Axe tail would solve that? (basicly T-hawk blades in the tail-tip) or as a head horn.
    Oh yeah I tried to make a sprite for Trossling getting rusty at spriting. Ill maybe upload it when its "ready". (read: when im not ashamed of it) Then Ill start creating more names and pokedex entries.

    Originally Posted by Alexial357 View Post
    Very cool grass starter you got there. n_n;

    So, what direction should I go in for the second stage water evolution? Just a bigger albatross? Any special characteristics you'd like to see or should I just go for it?

    Also, Golurk, are you going to be doing the entire evolutionary line for the fire starter? Cause I'd love to see where that sketch is going.
    Make the second evolution a sort of more noble looking albatross. Imagine an albayross but with the elegance of an swellow/honchcrow. :D Haha. I realy loved the head thingy! (feather) You should keep that. The second form should look like its able to fly but not for too long. I hope this helps. Also the eylimer was great. But you could draw under that black eyline a yellow one also. Or se other colour to add...colour.
    (I have no idea what Im saying anymore)

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