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Ryan - Snover
Ryan woke up with a start. Something, or someone, was enveloping and squeezing him to wake up. Ryan recognized the blue vines, and immediately knew it was Pecha. An oran berry lay on the ground near him, and as soon as the Tangela noticed he was awake, he shoved it into his mouth, in his usual rough yet well-meaning manner.

Ryan swallowed the sweet, blue berry, and immediately felt its healing effects. His head hurt much less, yet he still felt the bruises on his arms and back that had smashed through the foliage of trees and bush. He winced in pain as Pecha squeezed them with his blue vines.

"I'm awake, I'm awake!" he exclaimed, and Pecha put him on the floor.

"Thanks for the berry, Pecha. It helps, but man, you have no idea how it feels to be smashed through dozens of trees." he said, moving his paining arms. "Well, I won't be using wood hammer for a while. We gotta take down those two, and ask them why on earth they think they can - WHOA!"

Snover jumped, and pushed over Pecha as they barely avoided a Mirror Shot by the Bronzong who had been battling Ponyta. The latter was now battling the other Bronzong, engulfed in the flames of her own moves.

Just after the shot, Ryan heard a loud "bong", similar to the one he had caused, but much more powerful. The Bronzong was sent crashing to the ground by Sy's Focus Blast. The Riolu had come to help them, too.

"Nice hit you gave him. Ought to shake him up." said Ryan, giving him a thumbs-up.
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