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    yes, i was about to post explaining some stuff when maruno actually close my thread, disallowing me to do so

    everything in my project (or almost) has been written by myself and from scratch. i've inspired myself from some design patterns they have chosen in pokemon dawn that i liked and were suited perfect for some situations but the code is mine in the most part.

    i've alway sucked at making attractive GUI; i liked pokemon dawn's map editor GUI, so i remade it for my map editor and used their icons. i'm almost 100% sure those icons were found on google or (amazing site for icons, check it out if you're a developer and need icons)

    the auto tiles depicted in dawn's map editor do not work the same as me and are more limited from what i can see. the released source code of their engine and map editor did not even have the code for anything scripting related anyway. i use LUA, the scripting you can see in some of their videos looks nothing like LUA.

    the graphics, tiles, etc. all belong to pokemon dawn or whoever made them for them. i liked them and i actually grew annoyed of looking at these awkward green/blue grass tiles from fire red when i was just starting to work on the engine, like way back before i had added any tool or anything.

    some snippets of code and utility classes were recycled from their engine such as serialization (writing and reading my files, kinda cool how they did it) and shadow generating.

    finally, i believe their engine was going to be used for their own poke server if i'm not mistaken and was never going to be public for people to make their own. (i don't speak german, had to rely on google translation)

    credits have alway been in the description of my youtube video that was uploaded, i guess i've forgot to add them to the original post of this thread when i was editing it. will add them now.

    back to the development of the engine, this is on the to-do list right now

    - saving and loading region projects
    - actual engine (rewritten so much stuff for the editor that old code is no longer compatible)
    - day night system once engine is made
    - map connections, need to think of a good way to implement them
    - better management of maps in the editor, i have some ideas but i can't promise anything!

    there's more but i can't think right now
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