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Originally Posted by AzaleaLightning View Post
I've been watching this for nearly 24 hours. I'm exhausted and super, super happy with how it ended. I've still got the news on and the people that congregated around the home with the boat are cheering and chanting "U-S-A" and just look beside themselves with joy. It's been a tragic week, but how tonight ended was amazing.
I'm so happy this ended well. I've been following too. I was watching a hockey game just now.They put an announcement on the big screens in the arena that he was taken custody and you could hear everyone in the audience shout "U-S-A" over and over and cheering/clapping loudly. Louder than people usually do during a game. This has been a long week for all Americans and I hope there isn't any more bombings in the weeks to come. I heard some people saying there could be other people related/who know to the suspects planning more attacks, though I really REALLY hope that's just a rumor.Now comes all the questions and trials.
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