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    Colony- what gimmepie said, really.

    Diamond- Send Takumi to a graveyard? A human? Do you have some kinda death wish?!

    Well, at least, for logical purposes, Takumi would have to be protected by everyone but mostly Nami.

    Pink- Did you ever notice the lion that was trying to destroy Oz in your post? I think you only mentioned the Komodo Dragon, although it probably woulda been blown away too but it was kinda fat/heavy. Certain conditions sounds interesting, though... so very interesting indeed.

    Well, the rest of these responses are late. Really late.

    Claire- Yes! Steins;Gate! X3 I love it too.

    Geras- Perfect summarization there. Your description of the dragon/giant lizard really (at the moment at which he was summoned) was pretty much spot-on XD
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